Can't Post

Jessie, I am trying to start a new thread. I am posting my theme file and some searches but I cannot post as it complains I can’t add more than 10 users to my post. Huh? I am mentioning no users at all?

Can you try again and send me screenshot of the error that you see?

Sure, it just did it again.

I don’t know… maybe try in a different web browser? I know Discourse tries to save your in progress posts, maybe it’s confused and has some bad state?

Thing is I had no problem posting this thread and almost every other thread I have started. I am guessing there is something in the theme.less code I wanted to post that is being interpreted by your forum software as something else.

ADDED: Got it done, paragraph by paragraph. One paragraph was causing the error so I had to leave it out.

Ahh that was definitely the problem, all of those @'s. I think if you put it in a code block the problem shouldn’t happen?

Do you now how to create code blocks… I just updated your post to use them. You need to surround the lines of code (top and bottom) with three “`” in a row. More info here:

Thanks, no I was not aware of that tip. What is that character? I can’t quite tell if it’s a tilde key, a smart quote or … ? What key are you showing there?

I just updated your post to use them.

Thanks. I just completed the OP and sure enough, no error with the missing paragraph now added. I would still like to be able to contribute or share my work but that is already being asked on another thread. Thanks again.

It’s three tildes in a row at the start of a line to start/end a code block.

Thanks Jessie. But, the examples show it at the end as well. 
Surrounded by or just leading?
Looks like surrounded by.

I said start/end, but yes “surrounded” … looks like you’ve figured it out in this post that I’m responding too :slight_smile:

Yes you did, sorry I missed that. The beautiful thing about code us that, if it works, you have it right. If it doesn’t, you don’t. :wink: