Can you search across TP documents?

Is it possible to have two or more topical TP documents and search across them for @today or other tags? Maybe the search starts from a third document.


Not natively. There are ways to do it with Spotlight or better tools that use the Spotlight index like Alfred, HoudahSpot, etc. HoudahSpot with a custom template may be best but it doesn’t filter lines in the result previews, just highlights search terms.

@jessegrosjean any further thoughts on a library model for TaskPaper?

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That’s where I’m heading. Right now I’m working on WriteRoom 4’s library. Once that’s done I’ll use same library for TaskPaper 4. Scalable search across many files is a big goal for both future libraries. In fact I’ve been taking a detour last 2 months learning a new programming language “Rust” and then rewriting much of my library code to make the library really fast and scalable. Once it’s done it will be FAST… But (seems as always) will be a while before done.

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