Can search results start expanded as default?

Brand new to TaskPaper, which I’m really enjoying. When I enter a search string, or click on a tag in the sidebar, I get the results in the main window … but they’re collapsed. I see only the top level items. I have to manually click on each line to expand them, or use the keyboard shortcut for Outline/Expand All Completely. I’d love to save this step. Is there some way I can get TaskPaper to show me expanded results as a default?

You have me puzzled. When I enter a search or click on anything in the sidebar, nothing collapses.

Until you figure out the cause, here is a quick way to expand everything in the main window:

If you go to the Outline menu, then select Expand All Completely, that should uncollapse everything.

⌥⇧⌘0 (zero, not the letter O) is the keyboard shortcut (in case you prefer the keyboard over mousing to a menu).

Sorry - my newness to this app caused me to be less specific than I should have been.

If I select a tag I get search results that show me items tagged with that string, and their ancestor items. But not their descendant items. In other words, if the string returns a 2nd level item - an item that is indented once - I’ll see the 1st level and the tagged 2nd level, but not the 3rd and 4th levels. They’re collapsed.

So my questions is: is there a way that clicking on a tag can show me both the ancestors and the descendants of the tagged item as a default, or do I need to use Outline/Expand All Completely?

I see.

Try putting two forward slashes and an asterisk after your tag in the search field.

For example, if your tag was @important, the search should look like:


Study Searches for more info.