Can my search remove the last four projects from the search results?

Hello all!

I am using this search to display a list of projects by their positions (starting at 18, and going beyond the end of the list):

project[18:99]//not @done

I go beyond the end of the list of projects, so that I can list everything (from the 18th project to the end), regardless of the current length of my list of projects.

At the end of the list are four projects that I want to not display (Play:, Learn:, Explore: and Write:).

Can the above search be adjusted to not include those four projects in the search results?

Have you experimented with the slice syntax ?

[:end] // slices from the beginning to end - 1

ItemPath search syntax

Perhaps something like

(etc etc)not @done[0:-4]


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I have not—brilliant!

Rob—I am going to have to buy you a gift for Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate)!

Hey Jim, this sounds super interesting. Would you mind sharing your query and a sample outline? I would like to add this to my quiver files.

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@Victor — Sure. Here is the query that I settled on:

/project[18:-5]//not @done

Here is an example of what I use the last four projects for:

They are always there at the end of my projects lists. Often, I want to hide them from the main list, which is why I wanted the above search.

In my current list, you can see that Try NitroVitamin: is the last project before the Play/Learn/Explore/Write projects:

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 10.40.49 am

And if I run the above query, I get a list of projects that is about the last third of my entire list, to the end, but hiding the Play/Learn/Explore/Write/Archive projects:

I hope that helps!

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Wow. I get it now. Very cool.

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