Can I have an on/off switch to show/hide competed tasks?

I write all progress notes under each task so want to keep the tasks and their notes even after I have completed the tasks (rather than archiving them to a new place). I can see “Completed: Visible (or Hide)” button in Workflowy. Would it be great if I can have the same on/off switch to show (or hide) all completed tasks. e.g. a new menu like “View/Show (Hide) Completed”


If you mark completed tasks as @done, then do a search of “not @done” — it will hide the completed tasks while still showing their notes (as long as the notes are not indented).

If you like this, then save the not @done search in your sidebar, so it is always a single click away.


Thanks for the reply, Jim. In fact, I am using the tags, but the problem is I have to type in the same tags whenever I move to a new project. What I am asking is a solution to show only incomplete tasks and their notes when I moving around a taskpaper document.

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In TaskPaper’s preferences, try turning “Maintain search when selecting project” on:

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Thanks Jim. It is what I was looking for.


Just to mention it, I use a different way of marking things as done. I first thought this was where you were going in your OP but now I see, not.

I make use of visual cues quite a lot. Using a Typinator script, I track things I want to prepare for, or remember to keep up with. I use Apple Color Emojis (fonts) to visually spice up or help me stay aware of things according to their urgency. Given this idea, referenced in my example, I don’t always have to use the done tag. Instead, I just change the color Emoji. The nice thing about using the colored fonts is that they work in all sorts of places including BusyCal.

Granted, it probably makes more sense to use done tags in TaskPaper so that I can track what I have done - in case I need to reference when I did it. But, I have committed to track all my events (and tasks) using BusyCal. I trigger a Typinator script daily that runs an iCalBuddy script and pulls up the next three days of things to do and puts them onto my TaskPaper daily task list. It also uses the aging script which I love.

I am flummoxed at how tracking the age of an event is just not a part of most Mac OS software, calendars, etc. For me it is critical to track how long it has been since something has occurred - especially if I am waiting on a response and cannot afford to be ignored (when you have to deal with government agencies this happens far too often) - but I digress.

In TaskPaper it is more important for me to keep track of the project pieces and put in the links to what I have to do to continue working on that part.

I use PopChar from Ergonis, the makers of Typinator. This makes selecting a color emoji very easy to do. I am sure you could figure it out another way without getting PopChar but, PopChar isn’t very expensive and, I have the highest regard for it’s developer, ‘cause, Typinator rocks!

P.S. The entire layout in the screen shot after “Needs Doing”, emojis included, is from a Typinator expansion that I run daily.