Can a tag affect multiple paragraphs?

@jessegrosjean I was imagining using a tag that could be specified in the less file that could be defined with preceding limit. As I return to using TaskPaper for organizing my book and primarily this is about the notes section, I was imagining having a use for a tag that was not only affecting the paragraph or line preceding it, but could be set to affect several paragraphs preceding it with a single use of the tag.

Some sections may feel unclear or an idea not yet well thought out. It would be helpful to put a tag in that could be given upper limit parameters such as @writersblock or @needsreview.

I know that you feel that TaskPaper is for Tasks and WriteRoom is for writing. Perhaps Folding text is too. I just am not finding either of those other two apps working for me. Maybe you see TP as a list making app only. If so then you may not see the same value in the suggestion as I do. I really hope that is not the case as I think that - so long as it is doable, this would be a nice feature to have.

Unfortunately TaskPaper styling isn’t as flexible as HTML/DOM styling which can do that sort of thing in some many cases. For TaskPaper’s styles tags can only effect the tagged paragraph and enclosed text runs.

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Thanks Jessie. You had mentioned the possibility of reworking the code in some way in the next version to make some things possible which are not possible in the way it is written now. Would this type of thing be possible in the sort of future change that you are already considering? I believe you mentioned allowing styling text showing with the files saved as plain text. You also mentioned seeing a way to have files shown in a search without also having to view their hierarchy in the found set.

I am not trying to force your hand about what you are still only considering. I am just trying to be clear and understand what you are saying. Not now, maybe if it was coded differently later as you are already planning to do (the coding, not the adding of this feature) or, not now, not ever, no way Jose. :slight_smile: