Bullet boxes are showing up incorrectly

Hi, just trying the preview release. However the bullet boxes are not correctly. e.g.

Please see:

Yeah I read this and tried disabling/enabling and restarting TP same issue. Even though I’ve purchased a license :wink:


What about if you run it from your Guest User account? Also what version of OS X are you using?

Yeah guest account works OK. I’m running OS X 10.11.1 (15B42).

So assume I need to delete something thats hanging over from a previous version ?

I don’t think it should have anything to do with previous versions. I still think it’s a issue conflicting with an existing font that’s installed in your normal account. Are you sure that you disabled Source Sans Pro (not Source Code Pro) with FontBook in your normal account, restarted TaskPaper, and TaskPaper still had this problem? That’s fixed it in all other cases that I’ve come across.

Yes. This is what I did.

Then restarted TaskPaper.

And still no success?

I’m not sure then if that’s the case. I guess my suggestion then would be to wait until I start working on themes, then it will be easier to debug different options, and I’ll know a bit more (I hope!) about the details of fonts and why this would be happening in the first place.

Yes no success. Works fine in my other accounts though.

Anything else I can check here. Really keen to get this working so I can use TP. As I said previously, if I create a new account and use that it all works perfectly.

In another thread someone said the problem would go away for them if they closed and then reopened the document. Try that I guess?

No - still the same issue :frowning:

Could clearing the font cache or deleting ~/Library/Application Support/TaskPaper work?

Hmm just tried that - no difference unfortunately.

I realized my mistake after posting the wrong reply below. I’ve got the issue resolved now but the problem (my own problem) was that I was confusing Source Code Pro and Source Sans Pro. Removing Source Sans Pro has fixed the problem for me. My guess is that I had an early version of Source Sans Pro installed and TP3 might be using a newer version of the typeface. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m the person who was able to get the check box thing to work by restarting the TP3 app. That works on my MacBook Pro, but not on my desktop machine. On my desktop machine, I used to have Source Code Pro installed. I have uninstalled it and that does not change the behavior of this visual bug in TP3 for me.

On my MacBook Pro I never had Source Code Pro installed but was seeing this visual error anyway. It’s this machine that restarting TP3 corrects the visual problem.

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