Build 153 input

I would love for the project that I focus on to be the top line when I focus on it, as I want it for clarity of context. Instead, it focuses on everything in the project without the topic.

Topic bar is completely blank now.

Focusing on items without children results in a rabbit hole I can’t get out of with the option click, and since there is no project bar I can only go to menu>go home

Is the project sidebar blank for all documents that you open/edit, or just a particular document. It seem to display correctly for me.

Projects now appear. I saved, closed, quit, reopened and they were still gone. I hit return after one of the projects, and it repopulated all topics in the project window.

The window still does not remember size and position when closed and reopened.

As much as I want to like TaskPaper, I think that adjusting the window size and position every time I open a TP file is too annoying for me to use it. Moreover, TP does not remember to keep the notes of tasks folded.

I understand you don’t like the default OS X implementation, but just for other readers… it does both remember window size/position and remember which notes are folded when you use it like this:

Lovely! Thank you! That option always baffled me (doesn’t take much!).

So this means that if I want to work with multiple documents I always have to have all of them open and have one sitting on top of the other to cover them? I also have quit and re-open all of the files if I want to keep their folded levels the same as in the working state as well as window position and size?

If I would have one TP documents that this could be tolerable but working with multiple TP documents makes no sense.

I’m tracking this on my todo list… I agree in some situations it would be nice to keep those values. At the same time there are cases (say you have a work and home computer sharing the same document) where it’s nice that that information is not stored along with the document. Anyway I’m tracking this issue and hope to eventually have a solution, but I’ve got a lot of other stuff in front of it right now.