Bug: Tooltips flickering


I’m seeing tooltips flicker when hovering links and tags:



Is anyone else noticing this?

I’m traveling and can only test on 10.10 right now, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem on 10.10. It does seem to be very sensitive to any mouse movement… any movement will hide the tooltip. But if I move over a link, release the mouse, then the tooltip shows and stays visible.


I’m running 10.11.3.

It would be helpful if someone else could test this…


I just got back today… it also seems to be working for me on 10.11.3.



After closing and reopening Taskpaper, it started to work properly. But after some time of use, the bug appeared again. So it seems like some interaction with the software is triggering the broken state. After the tooltips start flickering, they flicker even in other documents I open (in the “current session”). To fix this, I have to restart Taskpaper.

I’ll investigate this and update this topic if I find something.


After some tests, it seems like HyperSwitch is causing this bug.

With the tooltips working as expected after opening Taskpaper, if I use HyperSwitch to switch from another application to Taskpaper, the tooltips start flickering. Using the default OS X application switcher, I can switch between applications without triggering this broken behavior.


Thanks for tracking that down, I can also now reproduce the problem and will look into it.