[Bug ?] Tags aren't word delimited

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature, but tags should be delimited by other word delimiters too, such as parenthesis and square brackets. To exemplify, the current behavior is:

something @tag         <== this is a tag
something ( @tag )     <== this is a tag
something (@tag something else)      <== this is *not* a tag
something [something else @tag]       <== this is *not* a tag

I think all the following chars should be considered tag delimiters:

  • blank space (currently is)
  • new line (currently is)
  • []{}()
  • ` (apostrophe)
  • " (quotes)
  • :
  • ;

Not a bug :slight_smile:

The syntax of TaskPaper and its tags is very long-established and well tested, and its simplicity and stability is a core of its strength.

( I think you are probably unlikely to see breaking changes at this point )

:frowning: ok… thanks for the reply

Tags and the search paths which refer to them can make use of comma-delimited values between parentheses, of course.

See: Getting Started · TaskPaper User’s Guide