Bug: Saved search query that contains brackets is not showing in sidebar

Steps to reproduce:

Add in document this search query

tasks @search((@done = 2016-04-06 or (@in_progress and not @done and @today)) and not @unplanned)

Expected result: Search query added in sidebar

Actual result: Search query not add in sidebar

Hi, the issue is that you need to escape all )'s that are enclosed in the search value. You escape them by preceding them with \. So your saved search will work when formatted like this:

tasks @search((@done = 2016-04-06 or (@in_progress and not @done and @today\)\) and not @unplanned)

To confuse things a bit more… in the next release this behavior will change slightly. You’ll also need to escape the enclosed ( for it to work. But in this release you should do it the way I’ve shown above.

@jessegrosjean, ok. thank you.