Bug report: v3.7.5 (307) Search then sidebar click causes crash - not @due/ancestor-or-self::*

Using the search: not @due/ancestor-or-self::* causes crash when project is clicked in sidebar.

To reproduce:

  1. Open Version 3.7.5 (307) of TaskPaper (from App store) on macOS Sierra 10.12.6

The default “Welcome: / To Create Items: / …” page should be open.

  1. Type Shift-Command-F to search and enter the following line:

not @due/ancestor-or-self::*

  1. Click on “Welcome” project in the Sidebar. You can do this with any of the projects.

The app window vanishes at this point. This should not happen.

Other information that may be useful:

The following items are ticked in the preferences:

Thanks, I can reproduce this. Will try to get a fix out soon.

Please try this preview release and see if it fixes problem for you:

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