Bug report: incomplete selection on folded item if last item on page

If an item is folded and is the last item on the screen (e.g. a focused item), then it’s not possible to select the whole folded item. This shows up as follows:

subhead3 here has items folded under it, but when i Select All or use cmd-B from Heading 1, i can’t select the items inside subhead3.

If i add an item below subhead3, then i can select everything in subhead3

I’m surprised you are the first to bring this up. This is actually what I consider the biggest bug at the moment. Purpose of the 3.2 release is to finally fix it, though not there yet!

ah, good that you know about it. (since it only happens at the bottom of a list, it’s not that easy to run into, but i found it while trying to copy one whole outline into another)

Please see 3.2 (199), it attempts to address this problem: