Bug: Last character of tags in projects cut off in Projects drop-down

This happens in both the release and preview versions.

This is presumably because it expects to be cutting off the “:” character from project titles.

Oops and thanks. I’ve just fixed for the next release. It should be stripping both trailing tags and the “:”.

Hi again @jessegrosjean,

The bug is fixed in the Projects drop-down as of Preview 3.1 (187), but not elsewhere in the app.

For example, if I have a project entitled “Inbox: @today”, and I’ve enabled the “Add @project tag when archiving @done tasks” option in Preferences, when I archive a @done task from that project, the result is still appended with “@project(Inbox: @toda)”.

Thanks, I’ve fixed that for the next release. Let me know if you notice any other places where that problem shows up.

Fixed in 3.1 (188). :heavy_check_mark:

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