Bug in TaskPaper or am I using bad characters?


Hello all,

I am in the final stages of troubleshooting my Keyboard Maestro script that will collect the titles and URLs of all of the tabs in the front window of Safari, and insert them as tasks into a new, dated project in TP.

Thus far, the script is working exactly as I desire, except that TaskPaper crashes when I open it after the URLs and project are added into the .taskpaper document.

I have been able to reproduce the crash just by pasting the grabbed URLs from the Mac clipboard into any TaskPaper document. Upon pasting the text, TaskPaper crashes. So, I am trying to track down what I am doing wrong (perhaps with my formatting of the text), or to confirm if this is a bug in TaskPaper.

The specific URLs and titles don’t seem to matter, as I have tried many. I am including a “tab” keystroke before each - so the lines will be formatted as tasks. The → (right arrow) character doesn’t seem to be the cause either.

If I open my .taskpaper file in a text editor (such as Chocolat or Textastic), it opens fine—no crashes. This is leading me to think that this is a TaskPaper bug.

I want to troubleshoot the crash first—keeping things separate will help me track down the primary issue without distractions. Since I use the script in another KM macro (where it runs flawlessly every day, on a scheduled trigger), I don’t want to mess with the KM script until I have eliminated crash in TP. When the crash is eliminated, I will release the script publicly, so those that are interested can use it…

To help track this issue down, I am attaching a .taskpaper document that has the gathered URLs in it. What you see in the document is exactly what my script gathers from the tabs in Safari. If you try to open this document in TaskPaper, do you get the crash? If so, can you help figure out what is causing the crash?

URLs.taskpaper (198 Bytes)

And if you open that doc in a text editor, any issues?

Any ideas? Thanks!


I successfully opened the file with my preview version of TP (Version 3.7 Preview (291)). No sign of a crash. Could it be a bug in the theme you are using?


Aha! I am using version 3.6.2 (the release version), which crashes every time when I try to open my file.

I downloaded the 3.7 preview version, and it appears to fix the crash! I also looked more deeply into the forum, and saw that this topic appears to be related.

That said,I will use the 3.7 preview until it is released, If I don’t see any issues, I will release my macro when 3.7 final is available.

Very happy! Thanks @shryn !



No problem, @Jim . Glad it works now. I would be interested to see your Keyboard Maestro script, as it looks useful.