Breaks on sierra, update not available


I’ve become quite dependent on taskpaper for simple spoject tasking.

However, upgrading to OSX Sierra , it tells me I need a new version.

But then the app store tells me it is not available in your country (Canada)

Please advise,



I removed TaskPaper 2 from the Mac App Store, but added TaskPaper 3 as a different app. If you search for “TaskPaper” it should be there… let me know if you still don’t see it.

In any case if you buy directly from me (instead of Mac App Store) you’ll get a 50% upgrade discount. Please see:


I’m also in Canada and I can find TaskPaper 3 and I can still download TaskPaper 2 from my purchase history (but this version is not compatible with Sierra, so that should be your problem).

Here is the link to TaskPaper 3 from the App Store in Canada: