Bookmarklet for Safari on OS X?


Does anyone know of a bookmarklet for Safari, to add the current page to a TaskPaper file?


Sorry I don’t, I’m actually not very familiar with bookmarklets in the first place. TaskPaper doesn’t currently have a URL scheme, so you couldn’t trigger this action that way. But if it’s possible for a bookmarklet to trigger an AppleScript it would be pretty was to get the current URL from Safari and post it into the current Taskpaper document with AppleScript. I just don’t know if bookmarklets can do that.


It should be possible if you look into it and I suspect many people would find it EXTREMELY useful for “Read Later” and “Emails” type of projects; either that or a Safari extension which many apps have for doing just what is described. Examples of apps that I use that have user-made bookmarklets include WorkFlowy and GQueues (online) and The Hit List (offline). Actually, here is the bookmarklet for importing into The Hit List, perhaps you can take a look at its structure and see something applicable to TaskPaper?



Actually 1 thing I notice in looking at this, and the online ones is that they all import to a pre-designated “Inbox” database that is separate from the main database of entries; not sure if this would pose a problem with TaskPaper or if it’s possible to “predesignate” a project called “Inbox” or “Read Later” … actually, a visually separate pre-designated “Inbox” for TaskPaper right above the “Projects” might not be the worst idea.


+1 for bringing a URL scheme to TaskPaper!


My current solution is to use a Keyboard Maestro macro to achieve that.


Would you be willing to share that? I don’t use keyboard maestro but I might be able to use it with Alfred.


Have you check this? Alfred 3 workflow for TaskPaper 3


Haha, just found that one a minute ago! Just playing with it, seems a very powerful tool.


Here’s a link to an example Keyboard Maestro macro to use as an example: (which captures the item as a Markdown link and adds it to the frontmost TaskPaper document)


I’ve just released v1.0 of the workflow which includes a command dorl (for read later) to grab the active webpage’s title, URL and any highlighted text. Also added anew ‘alt’ modifier for working on the Reading List project