Blurry text after focus in and focus out


I think that taskpaper is awesome and I use it everyday.

I really like to zoom in on projects and then zoom back out to try to focus more.

I use the Outline -> Focus In/Out shortcuts. The problem is that when i tap the Focus Out to get back to the Home view the text get a tiny bit blurry on my screen.

I see the issue on my 4K screen at work and my standard def monitor at home.

The issue is very subtle and describing it with screenshots is kind of hard. But I’ve tried to upload one good and one bad screenshot.

I have tried to reinstall the taskpaper app. Tried with another user. And I don’t use any custom CSS.

The issue will fix it self if I resize the taskpaper window.




Please let me know if anyone else is able to recreate this. I haven’t been able to so far.


Please try TaskPaper 3.8 Preview (323) which you can download here:

I think it might fix the blurriness issue.


Wow! I just installed the preview and it solved the problem!

Keep up the great work!