Blue dot/project creation behavior?

When creating a new project in TP 3.0, I have found what appears to be random behavior. The blue dot and related hoisting capability does not appear. Could this be a bug? Or am I not creating new projects properly? I am running the 166 release. I do have a few projects in the same file where the blue dot does appear.

Right now the blue dot is only displayed when an item has child items. (doesn’t matter if it’s a project or not)

The region where the blue dot would display is still interactive. For example, you can drag at that location to drag the task. Or Option-Click to hoist it. There’s just no blue dot displayed because showing all those dots can be a bit much visual stimulation sometimes.

Anyway, I agree this is a bit confusing though I don’t have a good solution ready yet. One thing that I would like to do is show dots of all items when you mouse over the item, so you’ll know that you can interact with that region even if an item doesn’t have children.