Bike to Marked 2

How might Marked 2 ( enhance Bike’s usefulness?


I’m not sure.

I think generally Marked is designed for observing a file that’s being edited in another app, and then transforming that file into a form that’s not provided by the original app. Markdown preview for a plain text editing being the base case. I don’t see any big benefits of using Marked with Bike right now, but maybe my mind just isn’t creative enough. Please share if you or anyone has a good use case.

Useful, of course, in conjunction with:

  • Bike → MD scripts, and
  • the use of Bike for editing text files which happen to contain MD mark-up (I think @altercation mentioned using Bike in this way)

(and, more generally, for basic printing)

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Maybe I’m missing something in Bike, but I don’t see a way to Print or export a PDF

Sharing to and then Previewing in Marked2 produced something that could be printed or exported as a PDF, rtf, html, Markdown in a variety of styles

well, I can just say, I was surprised when I started a line

### This is a Header

and nothing happened formatting-wise.

  1. I found it interesting that I just assumed it’d be there
  2. surprised then by no formatting to emphasize a header within the outline?
  3. I remember creating a Lot of Outlines in MORE
    some More

Separation of concerns I think – deep structure vs surface formatting.

My understanding of the plan for Bike is that formatting will be enabled by stylesheets.

(FoldingText was an experiment in combining outlining with the kind of Markdown markup that you show, but Markdown turns out, in practice, to be a slightly tight and ill-fitting suit for outlining to wear – it’s more of a surface appearance model than a deep structure model, and limited to six heading levels, with a slightly undefined relationship between bullets and plain paragraphs below).

An outliner has a single and consistent structure to arbitrary depth, and I think stylesheets will allow a more flexible approach to visual rendering, unburdening our text from inline mark-up, and allowing for work-flows which interact with a variety of other formats.

As @complexpoint says I tried making a Markdown outliner and didn’t like the result in the end.

There is no formatting support in the latest 1.3.1 release. I am working on “inline” formatting in this current 1.4 preview release. Please try it out and let me know what you think.

Longer term (for headings and such) I will be adding options for row based formatting. That will be somewhere down the road, not in the 1.4 release that I’m now working on.