Bike to Marked 2

How might Marked 2 ( enhance Bike’s usefulness?


I’m not sure.

I think generally Marked is designed for observing a file that’s being edited in another app, and then transforming that file into a form that’s not provided by the original app. Markdown preview for a plain text editing being the base case. I don’t see any big benefits of using Marked with Bike right now, but maybe my mind just isn’t creative enough. Please share if you or anyone has a good use case.

Useful, of course, in conjunction with:

  • Bike → MD scripts, and
  • the use of Bike for editing text files which happen to contain MD mark-up (I think @altercation mentioned using Bike in this way)

(and, more generally, for basic printing)

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Maybe I’m missing something in Bike, but I don’t see a way to Print or export a PDF

Sharing to and then Previewing in Marked2 produced something that could be printed or exported as a PDF, rtf, html, Markdown in a variety of styles