Bike Status Update

At the moment I’m not working too much on the Bike 1.12 release that’s currently in preview. That’s why the preview updates have slowed.

For the last week and another week or two more David Albert is helping me on some Bike projects. I’m using this time to make progress on big tasks that I’ve been avoiding, so that’s why I’ve temporarily stopped work on 1.12 release to focus on longer term things.

Progress made so far:

  1. As of last week Bike’s editor compiles on iOS. And then as of a few days after that basic text editing works. Still a ton of work to make it into an app, and no particular timeline, but it’s great to see and edit Bike outline on iOS.

  2. Bike’s query language and evaluator are in progress. The design and functionality will be similar to TaskPaper’s query language, but since TaskPaper’s model layer is written in JavaScript this work involves redoing everything in Swift. I’m also making it suitable for use in Bike’s stylesheets, so you’ll be able to use Bike’s search syntax to match rows and define styles. Again no particular timeline for when this will make it into Bike, but progress is being made and that feels great.


Great news Jesse! Thanks for the update!

Super excited for the eventual iOS native compatibility! A lot of my day-to-day activities involve situations where I can’t have my MacBook, but can and do spend a lot of time on my iPhone. I’ve been copying and pasting relevant bits from .bike outlines into the native, but it’s definitely tedious. Being able to make progress on an outline from my phone, and then having it sync up as smoothly as something like OneNote or the default do would be god like