Bike status update (Nov 2023)

Bike themes work (even the easy 1.0 version of it) has been coming along more slowly than expected. I have been working lots…

The problem is I got distracted by Bike internal changes. Exciting work! Unfortunately a bit too exciting, and so I end up forgetting everything else and just working on it for the last 2 weeks.

The good news is I’ve made some important progress and validated a new internal design. It will improve a lot of code interactions in addition to supporting outline filtering. I’ve had a few stabs at this in the past, but this time I feel like I’ve found the sweat spot between nice API, simple implementation, and performant. It’s been very fun to work on.

The big issue is it will take lots of surgery to replace bike’s current internals with this updated version. I expect I’ll spend the winter alternating between updates to current Bike version, and working to get this new core into Bike. My end goal is to get the new internals in, and outline filtering implemented by spring. Then I’ll change focus to iOS version.

So that’s my winter plan.


I continue to be amazed at the rate at which Bike is developing, as well as your responsiveness on these forums. It’s incredible. Keep doing great work!


Ink & Switch just released a document about their dynamic document project called Embark that’s oriented around an outliner.

You might find it inspiring—a different kind of bicycle.

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I hadn’t seen that. Thanks for link.

Jesse, what does this mean for tags?

Same plan I think. Generally I don’t want to add tags until I can filter the outline view. And filtering the outline view is one of the main reasons for these internal changes.

I just wanted to say that I’m so pleased with Bike and its development. It’s utterly embedded into my workflow as a trial lawyer. I write all of my cross-examination in it and all of my legal argument.

Amazing software.

Please keep up the good work.