Bike preview release status bar

The latest preview release Bike 1.9 (106) Preview adds a status bar:


Features provided:

  1. There’s now a dedicated “action” menu. Right now it’s being used for Typewriter Mode and Focus Mode, in future might add others. The action menu also shows a list of focused rows in your outline.

  2. If you are focused into a row in your outline this state is now indicated by a up-left arrow in the status bar. Click the arrow to focus out a level.

  3. Text statistics are optionally shown in the status bar. You can configure the options by clicking a statistic in status bar, or through View > Text Statistics.

  4. The status bar is optional. View > Hide Status Bar if needed.

Please try it out and let me know what you think. I tried a ton of variations, this is better than most, but probably still room for improvement.


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I like it!

Would it make sense to display a “tree” instead of just “Home” and whatever level you’re on? For example if my doc is:


…and I’m zoomed in to “three,” then the action menu would look like:


…rather than:



Also, sorry if this was already shown somewhere… is there a way to access that menu and select the options with only the keyboard?

Maybe, I’m not sure.

I started with that approach, but then changed to only show the actual focused row stack. I had in my mind that you would get a little more information about your navigation path that way, but really I could go either way on it.

Show all?

There isn’t, but I guess that could be useful.

Maybe the biggest problem is I don’t have a good name for that menu right now. I guess above I call it “actions”, but that’s not really right. I don’t intend it to have action/command like Bold or Indent, etc. Instead I think it will be a place where you can easily toggle various features in the outline editor.

Maybe I should call it “Status Menu”? Any other ideas welcome.

From that view, be nice to see an overview of the document, or the portion of the document I am inside of.

Question: Can I put link button tooltip URL in status bar?

Right now when you mouse over a link button it shows a tooltip with the URL. This is nice when you want it, but creates a bit of noise when you don’t. What if I put this in the status bar instead? Seem reasonable?

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Doesn’t feel like a status menu… maybe just “Menu”?

Interesting. Yeah, it does seem reasonable. I don’t personally have a strong opinion either way though.

It does feel a little like some of these things could just as easily be done using the regular menu items combined with keyboard shortcuts. Making things quicker to get to via mouse doesn’t totally feel “Bike” to me. I could be wrong.

That said, the always-on (but hide-able) nature of the status bar feels useful for some visual cues. Things like:

  • where I am in a doc
  • words/characters/etc (like you have it)
  • maybe that link idea you mentioned (“pop-ups” in the status bar rather than popping up on top of the document)

…those make sense.

And it feels super-useful to be able to customize what is shown, and hide the whole thing easily (like you have it).

If it’s a place for shortcuts, I don’t know. I think I’d rather just have a keyboard shortcut for toggling things like typewriter mode.

Thinking out loud…

I somewhat agree, but I think in sum adding the status bar is making sense. In the end for each individual use (word count for example) you could find an alternative non-status bar solution. But added together the status bar is providing a simple strait forward place for these things.

More tweaks to status bar in latest 109 preview:

I split the original menu into two and also moved word count to the right. The new “options” and “navigation” items are pretty minimal in function, but better at indicating status. They now highlight in dark color if something in non-default.

Also over time I expect to add a few more options. And navigation popup will probably also list top level headings once I add a heading type.

YES! Feels intuitive to me.

Is there a shortcut to pull up the navigation menu?

Headings! Excited about that one…

Possible bug: when I navigate from a nested bullet to Home, the final line in the doc disappears until I click on it, at which point it reappears.

FWIW that character at the left of the status bar:

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 02.47.24

is appearing as a question mark on this macOS 11.7.4 system:

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 02.51.22

Thanks, this is fixed for next release.x

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Thanks, glad you are using 11.7,4 to keep me honest. Fixed for the next release.

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