Bike not showing the auto-suggest tooltip?

I’ve noticed that while typing in Bike, it often replaces technical terms with other words, and it’s not easy to make it not. I’m assuming this is occurring due to the “Correct Spelling Automatically” feature being enabled (I usually want this), but unlike TextEdit, Bike doesn’t seem to be displaying the little “correction/auto-suggest” tooltip when you retype the original word and pause before hitting space. Here’s what that looks like in TextEdit:

In this case, I was originally trying to type something along the lines of, “Buf’s command line tool generates code from proto files.” It simply wouldn’t let me type, “proto”, and move on. I can select the word, then Right-Click, then select: Change back to “proto”, after it replaces the word with port or protocol or whatever, but that feels somewhat fussy compared to editing text in other apps that use NSTextField and NSTextView.

TextEdit will auto-correct a word like “buf” to “bus”, but then when you backspace, delete the “s”, type “f” and hit Space, it doesn’t re-correct the word (though it highlights it as a potential spelling error, which is fine). Bike doesn’t do this. No matter how many times I try to “fix” the word, it re-corrects it.

A somewhat minor thing, but it makes Bike a teensy bit less fun to use when you’re writing lots of jargon that isn’t in the dictionary.

This is by design, though maybe it can be improved.

While that popup may be useful in some cases I guess, I generally find it very irritating. Always popping up and questioning anytime I pause for a moment while typing. I’ve posted here what I dislike about standard macOS text checking and what I’m trying to improve with Bike:

A few thoughts:

  1. A quick way to undo that autocorrect is a single backspace.
  2. Google docs and Word both also have autocorrect, without the initial popup. I’ve copied parts of their design. If you still think Bike is problematic, maybe try those apps and see if they have any details that you like better. Maybe I can incorporate into Bike.
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Always popping up and questioning anytime I pause

FWIW I think one of the things that I turn to Bike for is a distraction-free place in which to shape thoughts and thread a narrative path through them.

The pruning back of all widgetry and little pop-ups to the absolute minimum is very welcome, here at least.