Bike Next Steps

To this point each Bike release has packed in as many small fixes, requests, and polish as possible.

For the next development cycle (hope to start Monday) I hope to focus on a single feature. In particular I think I’ll work on either Autocorrect or Rich Text formatting. Please vote to let me know what’s most important to you.

  • Autocorrect - Hook into macOS autocorrect and replacements API.
  • Rich Text - Add formatting commands for bold and italic text. Maybe also links. Once this basic support is in place other formatting options can be added incrementally.

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I feel like autocorrect might be a bit faster to implement and will make Bike a better macOS native app. Rich text might be more work, but I think will make Bike generally more useful. I do plan to eventually implement both, this is about which to focus on first.

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One of these is the only reason I haven’t yet bought Bike :smiley:

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Ok, will be starting work on rich text Monday. Thanks for the feedback!

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Will autocorrect be the feature you work on after rich text? :pray:

Can’t promise, but I expect so. Accessibility is another contender.

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And sometime soon a simple Print function. I’m fine without it (since it’s easy to use other methods to print), and I suspect most of the people who frequent this forum are as well. But when I try and interest a non-technical user in Bike, the fact that there’s no Print option on the menu is a huge problem.

Autocorrect, yes please!
(Sorry I missed the chance to vote.)

I’m working on rich text at the moment, but once that’s done then autocorrect will be next.

That’s great, thanks.

@Scott_Powell1 @JLS @macosxguru I’m working on autocorrect now. If you have a moment would love to get your replies to this:

I don’t disable autocorrect on the macOS. It works fine for me.