Bike Marketing

I’m trying to create a short marketing description for Bike. Something similar to these ones that I have for TaskPaper and WriteRoom:

  • TaskPaper - Plain text to-do lists for Mac

    Make lists and get organized. TaskPaper is a plain text to-do list that’s surprisingly adept. Getting things done since 2006.

  • WriteRoom - Distraction Free Writing

    Write without distractions. WriteRoom is a full screen writing environment. Unlike the cluttered word processors you’re used to, WriteRoom lets you focus on writing.

For Bike I currently have:

  • Bike - Fast and fluid outlining

    Write to organize your thoughts. Bike combines the ease of text editing with the power of outlines, creating a fluid place to think. Give it a try, Bike feels different.

Room for improvement I think :slight_smile: Let me know if you’ve got idea of think I should be highlighting other aspects of Bike.

I would use an outline for it:

Bike—Cycle your ideas into reality
		Bike is native
		Your ideas will flow
		Bike is a joy to use

Bike combines clear organization and easy editing with the structured power of outlines, creating a visual place to think. Take Bike for a ride, and feel the difference!

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Ha, number those lines made me smile :slight_smile: A lot more fun then my version.

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Hyperlinking to unique points within and between documents also seems like a key element of competitive advantage to me.

Good to hear and be reminded of. For my own use I’ve never been using links except to link out to web pages. I like the inner linking feature as a technical challenge, but glad it’s getting use too.

I think it’s probably too specific to work into a single paragraph statement like the above ones, but I will try to get on product page.

I suppose ‘personal wiki’ is one of the patterns which it enables.

(Single file and multi-file)

Outline with links : -)

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Wiki links… funny you say that. I love simple little wiki’s for organizing thoughts, but to me Bike doesn’t feel at all like that. Maybe two issues:

  • First the current links are long and ugly to look at. I’ll fix that (allow right text links) at some point in mid distance future.
  • Second what I love about wiki link is it takes me to fresh page, hiding everything else. But Bike links reveal the linked item, but don’t focus it…

Should I change Bike’s behavior to hoist/focus the link target when resolving a link? I think that would work better for me, what do you think?


Sounds interesting :slight_smile: