Bike installation problem

I cannot install Bike on my iMac. After downloading the disk image file and clicking on it, I receive a prompt that says “no mountable file systems.”

My iMac is running Mac OS Big Sur, v. 11.7.6. It’s an old machine that I plan to upgrade; it uses an Intel processor.

I was able to successfully install Bike on my M2 MacBook Air running the latest version of Ventura.

Is Bike incompatible with Mac OS Big Sur? If not, can anyone tell my why I’m having this problem installing Bike on my iMac, and a solution?

Thanks for any help.

I’m not sure … Bike should be compatible with macOS 11 and later. That’s what I compile it for, and I don’t see errors or warnings, but I don’t actually have macOS 11 to test with.

In any case if the problem is not even being able to open the .dmg then I think we haven’t even reached Bike yet. I guess check through this list of tests:

The first being just try to download it again. If downloading it again doesn’t work what about downloading one of the older versions of Bike from this page: