Bike files in the dock / tabs together

I don’t know if this is even an option I have a lot of bike files open and so I minimised a number to the dock. So I didn’t know if there maybe any options to stack them (don’t know if that is even a thing) or whether there was a way to pull windows into one window of tabs (if like me you forgot about the tab bar and use to just doing cmd+n) or maybe a bike files side bar - i think you have done this in other apps but that maybe overkill…

I don’t think there are any options to stack windows that have been minimized to the dock.

Of course if instead of minimizing them you combine all those windows into a single tabbed window… then when you minimize it will just be a single window.

This is on my wish list and something that I expect to eventually support, but I don’t think I’ll start work on it until after I’ve finished an iOS version of Bike… and haven’t started that yet.

thanks - I am right that I cant combine them into a tabbed window after the fact ?

Yes, if I’m understanding you correctly, but I think you’ll have to expand the windows out of the dock first:

To merge all open windows into a single tabbed window:

  1. Bike > Window > Merge All Windows

To merge windows selectively:

  1. Bike > View > Show Tab Bar
  2. You can then drag tabs from one window into another window (dropping in the other windows tab bar)
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thanks I merged them ! sorry didn’t see that option so not use to windows having tabs other then a browser where I have way too many so maybe its best I keep forgetting apps can do that too

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weirdly they unmerged… and was a bit worried I lost some off to look in the containers place - didnt seem to be any… hmm