Bike Deep linking via Hookmark

In Hookmark integration v. 242 Setapp version of Craft; Deep-Linking of Bike outlines - Releases - Hookmark Forum,

Deep linking in Bike app

This release also adds support for deep-linking in Bike app documents . To switch to deep-linking mode, either do this in Terminal:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook bike-default

or edit the script manually .

Keep in mind that if URL.scheme = bike-default then when you invoke Hookmark in a Bike doc, you’ll only see hooks to the current node. We’ll generalize that in future such that you can also see doc level hooks.


Thanks for posting!

For Bike users I recommend taking a look. I also recommend taking a look at the deep linking option for Bike. That allows you to link into specific rows in your outline. The links won’t break when you move or edit those rows within your outline.