Bike auto collapse all items when hiding app ⌘H

When using ⌘H for hiding Bike, Bike auto-collapses all rows. When opening Bike back up I need to expand the rows before continuing working. Is this a bug?

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I don’t think that should happen… and I actually can’t reproduce that behavior. Are you sure you see this happening? I don’t see how it could happen unless you have changed keyboard shortcuts for Bike’s menu items, or changed things to run a script when Command-H is pressed.

A short video of the issue. An no, I don’t customise keyboard shortcuts anywhere, so have not changed any shortcuts.

Thanks, good news is now I can reproduce it, after just repeating your exact example. Very odd that it does happen in my normal outlines. I’ll dig in and figure it out for next release.

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I think this is fixed in latest preview release:

Sure is, fantastic :slight_smile: