Bike as a hierarchical todo list

Hi All,

I’m new to Bike and understand that it’s main purpose is as a writing tool but is there any way to modify it to manage a simple task list as well?


  • tag a node as a task
  • tag a task node with (complete, on hold, priority etc)

One feature in other tools which is incredibly useful:

  • tag a parent node with task nodes as complete when all child nodes are complete
  • filter out completed nodes


This is possible now. Use Format > Row > Task List to create a task with a checkbox.

I’m working on the infrastructure for these sorts of things in my 2.0 rewrite of Bike. They won’t all be possible day one of 2.0, but I expect will eventually be possible. Likely using a mechanism similar to TaskPaper… not much will be built in (except filtering), but you’ll be able to attach tags and values to rows and adjust row styling based on those values.

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