Bike: adding Notes capability

I am wondering if you’d consider adding a “notes” feature. Several other outliner apps offer this. The main reason I’d want this feature is I typically go through this process:

  1. outline
  2. mindmap (iThoughts in my case)
  3. writing app (iA Writer in my case)

In a mind map notes are, essentially, hidden. There’s typically some icon attached to a node to indicate there’s a note associated with the node. In turn this gets rid of extraneous “noise” when I’m in the process or refining, or reorganizing, my outline within mindmap mode. Also, in iThoughts, those notes get exported to markdown in an elegant way: as text under the header defined by the node name.

I don’t know if anyone else would find this useful, but wanted to at least put the proposal forward. Love Bike so far!

  • 1 for notes feature. Realise it may come after v1 ships.

I don’t want to add a separate specialized note field for each item, but I would like to allow for similar functionality.

I think the way that I will do this is by adding types (sometime after 1.0 release) to items. For example maybe Bike will support h1, h2, h3 types. Normal items will be p. And maybe “comments” could be aside items.

I expect that’s how I’ll handle “notes” in Bike. Another option that I’m less excited about right now, but maybe will make more sense if I think about it closely is to add an inspector view to Bike. There item attributes will be presented as a table of key values that you can edit, and maybe “notes” is one of the keys.


I think your first suggestion should work well. The second suggestion might be fine also but I’d have to see it in action first. Notes, per se, are not important. But creating easy and useful ways to get the info out in a structured manner would help a lot (H1, H2, etc. plus paragraph and aside). Thanks for looking into this!

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