Bike 1.7 Preview (91)

  • Added Open Document > Expand Level preference
  • Added “Use delete to revert autocorrect” preference
  • Added caret bounce when showing correction indicator
  • Added support for replacements that contain word boundaries
  • Changed .rtf encoding to use tab indentation instead of lists
  • Changed to use non-dynamic colors with AppleScript
  • Fixed .rtf decoding to better support diacritical characters
  • Fixed crash when entering space before line with single char

I think 1.7 Preview is getting pretty close, except I still need to update the code that adds/removes/updates spelling and grammar underlines. Bugs still in that part of the code now.

Two notable changes are:

  1. I’m changed the rich text encoding to act more like the plain text encoding. It no longer encodes RTF lists, instead it just encodes the outline using tab indentation. I think for most cases this simpler approach will be better.

  2. Smaller in scope, but my favorite feature in this release is the text caret now bounces when showing a correction indicator. For example if you spell a word wrong and then move caret to end of that word the caret will bounce and show possible corrections.

    The reason that I really like this is because sometimes it’s not possible to guess any correction when I’ve really misspelled a word. And in those cases in TextEdit there’s know way to know if no corrections will show up, or if I just need to wait a little longer. Now in Bike I don’t get into that waiting game, because the caret always bounces when the corrections are scheduled to show … if I don’t see any options after the bounce then I know none will come.

    Small thing, but it’s a place where I think Bikes bouncy cursor really improves the UI without getting in the way.

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding the purpose of this restriction. Why not the ability to set Expand Level preference for when you start up as well? Typically I’d want to restrict level no matter how opened: using the open command or opening a formerly open document when I start up. Is there a technical hurdle to doing this?

In the case when Bike reopens an existing document it can restore state exactly as you had it when last opened. I think generally it is preferable to restore your last view? Or maybe not?

Ah, I see your point.

For me I would prefer to restore to “x” number of levels. Perhaps others are different? At least the way I work, I’d now choose to always close a document (so reopened at number of levels I wanted).

I know this may add a bit of work for you … but if many folks really would prefer 2 different settings (for open and restore) might there also be an additional preference for restore and levels?

… and many thanks for adding the preference! It actually makes a big positive impact to how I work with outlines.