Bike 1.4 Preview (81)

  • Simplified code formatting
  • Updated Welcome text to use links
  • Fixed text layout changes when toggle outline mode
  • Fixed case where typing animations were not pixel aligned

Last minute change of heart and removed code formatting brackets. I added them because it was easy (after writing the code for link buttons), but over time I’ve found them more annoying them helpful. Hoping for final release next week, though still need to get past Mac App Store review, so that might be delayed.

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


Hum… accidentally made 81 final release for a bit … changed back to “Preview” which is what it’s supposed to be at this point.

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List item 10 in the " [Bike 1.4 Preview (81)] 09 Oct 2022"

  • Changed block mode selection color

What is the “block mode” ?

Edit: Add:
According to the contents of

Bike 1.4 Preview (67) “Rich Text”

Block mode = Outline mode ? :thinking:

They are the same thing. Internally I think if it as “block” mode, but I think “outline” mode makes more sense … so I try to use that, but often forget.

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