Bike 1.4 Preview (77)

  • Fixed missing images on macOS 11
  • Fixed empty title in link editor popover
  • Fixed crash with emoji’s and Japanese text input
  • Fixed case where first responder status wasn’t updating
  • Fixed case where pasting image attachments could later cause crash. Attachments are striped out now since Bike has no way to save them.

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


Thanks :grinning:

Speaking of link editor popover, two small things I’ve noticed:

  • the Remove button in the link editor doesn’t seem to have any effect
  • relative URLs (“” or “” instead of “”) are converted to HTTP rather than HTTPS – this is really minor though

I think it’s working for me, but there are a few cases when I should disable it because it won’t do anything:

  1. If you edit a “detected link” such as then it’s not possible to remove the link, because the link is not stored in the model, it’s detected from text content. Many editors work in a slightly different way… and they add detected links to the model right after you type them… maybe Bike should change to work that way in future, but that won’t happen with this release.

  2. Second case where remove won’t work: If you show link popover when no link is selected. In that case you can only “Save Link” to add one, you can’t remove.

I’ll try to disable those cases.

I’m using the underlying macOS “text detection” functionality and that just seems to be the way that it works. I agree https is probably a better default nowadays, but I hesitate to override the default behavior at this point.

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Thanks for such an informative reply!

You’re right, just tried and it only happens for me with detected links. It’s not a huge deal at all, I imagine almost any use of a URL intends for it to be a link.

Just posted 78 which should disable remove button in these cases.