Bike 1.4 Preview (76)

  • Removed “html content” scripting property
  • Fixed line affinity bug when line ended with link button
  • Fixed scrolling bug when extending selection to the ends of the outline

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.

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Crash when type any emoji by Japanese IME. :see_no_evil:

I’m glad you are testing this stuff… man what a lot of crashes!

Is this new a new crash that was working in previous previews? Is it possible to explain to me how to type an emoji using the Japanese IME? I know how to enable Japanese IME, but not sure how to select an emoji.

Japanese IME with (32.3 KB)

I tested the latest release with emoji entered through the Japanese IME and got no crash. Here’s a video of it.

Oh, I just tested it like your video.
:shinto_shrine::fist::raised_hand: these are fine,
but crash with typing :bike:(jitennsya) :jp:(nihonn) :de:(emoji) :clap:(te) :joy:(kao) :seedling:(happa) :smoking:(tabako)……and maybe else…

I didn’t notice this before, sorry……

You’re right. I typed 「自転車」and as I started cycling through the choices, Bike crashed.

How funny that Bike can’t handle the Japanese word for bike. :laughing:

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If anyone’s having problems where a window doesn’t fully get focus (you can type, but doesn’t show cursor and a selection draws grey) I think I’ve found (for real) underlying cause and have fix for next release. In the meantime the pattern to recreate (or avoid) is:

  1. Show Formatting Pallet
  2. After then then new window will often have trouble getting focus
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