Bike 1.4 Preview (68-69) "Rich Text"

  • Added “Edit Link” popup
  • Added “Edit Formatting” popup (Command-K)
  • Added active status to Format menu items
  • Changed click drag on link to select text
  • Changed text mode duplicate to be rows based
  • Removed underline from link text style
  • Fixed handing of null characters when saving
  • Fixed writing multiple items to pasteboard
  • Fixed drawing on non-retina screens
  • Fixed occasional crash on undo
  • Fixed opening Bike path links

I’m not sure about details of “Edit Formatting” popover.

I do like general UI. I also like that it doesn’t show up automatically anytime you select text. But that also means it needs a keyboard shortcut, and I’m not really sure what use. Right now I’m using Command-K which is normally used for edit link. I figure this is rememberable and discoverable and the formatting popup gets to to edit link quickly… but it’s not quite the same.

Note that when in formatting popup you can use keys (b, i, s, c, h, l) to activate buttons without using mouse.

I’ve also added “Edit Link” menu item to get to link editing UI immediately, but haven’t assigned it keyboard shortcut yet.

Please let me know what you think and what bugs you find.

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


I’m quite pleased with preview (68-69) as I discovered the affordances intuitively before coming here to read the notes. Bike has become my constant daily companion and now that I can link urls, it’s near perfect for my needs. I appreciate that Jesse remains true to his vision and continues to focus on crafting a bicycle for the mind rather than an aircraft carrier.

And the one surprise that I learned here was the use of the (b, i, s, c, h, l) keys without needing the mouse. Nice touch.

With that said, a little bug. I typed half a sentence, then created a link. When I returned to finish typing the sentence the remaining words I typed all became part of the link and I couldn’t find a way to transfer those words into plain text. Perhaps I should have just typed the whole sentence first, then created the link. But I do recall from other text boxes that I work in that I’m able to link, hit the space bar and continue typing without the remaining words becoming part of the link. Does that make sense to you, Jesse?

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If I understand correctly this is because the Bike link is behavior like other text attributes (bold, italic, etc). When you type at the end the new inserted characters will become part of the link.

I now see that most editors don’t work this way for links and will see if I can update Bike to match.

In the meantime to remove a link from a range of text you can select the text and then Format > Edit Link (or Format > Edit Formatting … and then go to link formatting) and then click the trash can at the end of the link line.

I see what you mean about the link acting like other text attributes. Good work-around tip. Thank you.

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I wonder what is the quickest way to read the url behind a blue link label ?

MS Word (fairly swiftly) and TextEdit (after a longer delay) both show the url in a tooltip when the cursor hovers over a link,

but I wonder if there might be a keyboard route to a quick display of the url behind a stretch of blued text containing the editing cursor ?

( Probably over-cautious, but for some reason I always prefer to look before I leap – visually glance at the url before I click : )

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