Bike 1.4 Preview (66) "Rich Text"

  • Added Code, Strike, and Highlight formatting
  • Make Clear Formatting also clear typing attributes
  • Fixed bug where formatting was applied to wrong range
  • More robust .bike file reading (no crashes!?)

This is still very much a work in progress. I still expect a few weeks before it will be ready for release. Some regressions in selection drawing this release.

I will be away next week, will still be checking forums/email, but probably not a lot of coding progress. Here’s a quick update on where rich text code stands:

  1. I think feature set is fixed … though I might still delay to add support for links. Will decide on that later. Still lots of bugs and polish needed.

  2. Most of this week was spent on (again!) stylesheet system. It’s now very convenient and efficient for me to specify styles in code. I still don’t have a text format though, so user configurable stylesheets are still a ways off.

  3. Background color and strikethrough messed things up for a bit. I was handing them at text drawing layer (so they were drawn as images along with text). But then half way though I changed to draw them as full layers, so style marks can now be animated independent of text. I think this could be fun for strike thoughts and spelling marks… though not actually doing any of that yet. System in place though.

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


Aww dammnnnn. Bike unseats Taskpaper for me at last, well almost but really. Amazing stuff, Jesse!

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In case anyone else sees a giant black font upon updating to 1.4, I resolved it by opening preferences (in Bike) and toggling to Dark, then back to Automatic. I am using macOS Monterey 12.4 in dark mode, Bike with appearance set to Automatic.

Update: for me, this step appears to be necessary every time I restart Bike with macOS in dark mode, Bike appearance set to Automatic. But no issues if I set Bike’s appearance to Dark explicitly :+1:

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Thanks for the tip!

I had the giant black font and couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it so I reverted to the prior version.

But when I just now re-updated to (66) the fonts are normal again, without toggling preferences. I wonder if Jesse slipped in a fix?

Sorry haven’t had a time to look into this bug, I don’t think it’s fixed yet.

@szshen @SteveD I’ve fixed problem locally. I think you can also work around the problem by making one of your preference settings non-default. For example if you change your font size to 15 then I think the problem should stop happening.

These are really turning out to be very useful, and make me wonder how we dutifully squeezed everything into single-plane text for so long.

It was already very good to have a second layer in the background for row ids (not least as link targets), and now, for some reason, I am particularly enjoying ⌘⇧H highlight formatting : -)


Just having one non-default text setting didn’t get rid of the giant text for me. But clicking the “Rest Typography” button in the preferences and then reconfiguring my typography preferences did. And so far it sticks after restart. Just in case this helps others and/or with tracking down the bug.

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