Bike 1.4 Demo videos

Here are two demo videos for Bike 1.4 (not yet out, just working on these things):

Movie’s Updated


Looks good! I agree, mentioning the phrase “typing affinity” might call for somehow showing more of what it means (without going into a long explanation). Not sure how you would do that—maybe by showing something being pasted with the affinity marker (what do you call that?) facing one way, and then again with it facing the other way to show the difference in the result?
Also maybe in the Intro video, you could show how you can just paste right over text with a link in the clipboard as a faster way of creating a link than calling up the little pop-up thingy; that’s one of my favorite time savers.

For example of the typing affinity, type like this sequence? :slight_smile:

CC: @jessegrosjean

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I updated the rich text video to be longer and more demo oriented. Better now I think.


Very informative! I like it!


Nice demo :slight_smile:

Some idea for more demo oriented…

  1. On opining, real time type the “(Please turn on sound)”.
  2. For focus to 4 innovation:
    2.1. Highlight each line while explaining each.
    (If you use Bike as a presentation tool, it might be useful to be able to highlight different rows with one or two clicks. (using a script or something?))
    2.2. First, write down everything necessary for each child and collapse it, then open and use it when explaining each.

Just idea…:upside_down_face: