Bike 1.3 (61)

  • Added Row > New Indented Row (Command-Shift-Return)
  • Added Preference for default document type and extension
  • Added Exit outline mode using Option-Right/Left
  • Added Scripting access to row attributes
  • Typing animations finish faster when typing fast
  • Improve text caret animations when undo/redo
  • Respect NSScrollAnimationEnabled user defaults setting
  • Ignore first click (maintaining selection) when activating window
  • Fixed Extend selection by word/line when dragging mouse
  • Fixed --- read from plain text is treated normally
  • Fixed Option-Up-Shift to properly extend selection
  • Fixed Don’t allow collapsing leaf rows

Added Scripting access to row attributes… I don’t know how immediately useful this will be, these attributes will not be visible in Bike UI. This will allow you to read/write custom attributes, and these attributes will be saved in .bike and .opml formats.

tell front document of application "Bike"
	tell selection row
		exists (attribute named "test") -- false
		make attribute with properties {name:"test", value:"value"}
		value of attribute named "test" -- value
		set value of attribute named "test" to "new value"
		value of attribute named "test" -- new value
		delete attribute named "test"
	end tell
end tell

Please let me know if you see errors when updating to this preview, and if so what version of Mac OS you are using.

I’ve just posted a new 1.3 preview. Most notable is that you can now set a default document type and file extension.

And I made one tiny last minute change that breaks the Bike Format with html extension case for default document type! Oops. Will fix that a bit later tonight as I’m watching the Celtics win?

And now default document type and extension settings should be working. I think. Please test. Thanks!

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Bike 1.3 is no longer a preview release and should be available through Mac App Store and Software Update now.

I get this error when trying to update.

Update Error!
The update is improperly signed and
could not be validated. Please try again
later or contact the app developer.

Sorry, I think should work now.

Success! Thanks for the quick fix.

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