Bike 1.16

  • Added “Sort Rows” to context menu
  • Added Restore focus/expand state for closed documents
  • Changed “Outline > Move to Heading…” keyboard shortcut
  • Changed “Sort Rows” to sort children if single parent selected

The new restore focus/expand state is secondary to the standard system restore state. If you have not closed a document then the system restore state will be used. If you have closed a document then this secondary focus/expand state will be used. The secondary state does not restore window sizes and positions. Only outline state.


  • Added Outline > Sort Rows
  • Added Outline > Move to Heading

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


Going to make another release before “outline path release”. Outline path is getting closer, but I think better to release row sorting and move to heading now then to hold them up.

Please try out the new commands and let me know what you think. Few thoughts, questions:

  1. In TaskPaper I used Command-\ shortcut to “Move to Project”. Command-/ seems more natural, and that’s what I’ve used in Bike… but maybe there was a reason I didn’t use that in TaskPaper? I have no idea, but if you’ve got an idea why Command-/ isn’t a good shortcut, let me know! :slight_smile:

  2. The sort commands now work on top level selected rows. If only one row is selected it “might” also make sense to select and sort its children instead? Or if it has no children could also select and sort siblings. Or maybe those behaviors would just make the command more confusing. Let me know what you would like.

  3. At some point I expect to add a “custom” sort option. That will allow you to define a custom sorting using an outline path predicate. Not for this release though. If this sounds appealing don’t let me forget about it own the line after outline paths are available.


Quick work !

Move to and sort both work well – the sort already seems to be locale-independent (properly sorts both Hebrew and Greek, for example).

(FWIW my personal preference for Outline > Sort Rows where a single row is selected,
would be for sorting the children of that row).

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Thanks. The row sorting seems to work great.

A would-be-nice: I think row sort would lend itself well to a context menu option.

For me adding the possible behaviors if you only select one row isn’t intuitive and would be too confusing.

Re custom sort: I’m not clear on what an outline path predicate is.

Thanks again Jesse!

Well it’s not done or documented yet :slight_smile:. But the thought is it would be a special syntax that would allow sorting based on things other then text, such as row attributes.

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That would be very cool. In OmniOutliner you can sort based on column values, which is similar, and I use that heavily (mostly to sort action items by dates and priorities).

Because Command-/ is standard toggle for show/hide status bar! In next release I will change to use Command-\ for “Move to Heading”.

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The sorting animation looks awesome on a high refresh rate panel!

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Sorting seems to work fine with numbers, but roman numerals look like they’re not supported. Probably a fringe use case, but would be neat to have nonetheless.

To me it would make sense to sort children rows if only one row is selected, but not sort siblings (that seems too confusing).

EDIT: Noticed this with 1.15 - If I hold the mouse cursor all the way to the left, a sidebar appears. It’s empty :slight_smile:

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To me it would make sense to sort children rows if only one row is selected, but not sort siblings (that seems too confusing).

Aye, I concur.

EDIT: Noticed this with 1.15 - If I hold the mouse cursor all the way to the left, a sidebar appears. It’s empty :slight_smile:

Weird, on fullscreen I get this too.

A bit more info on the new restorable state:

  1. It will only work for document formats that store unique ids such as .bike and .opml
  2. That state is stored outside of the file, in Bike’s application support folder.
  3. The state is keyed by the outline
  4. If the state isn’t accessed in more then 3 months then the state is discarded
  5. The state is secondary… normal system restorable state is used if available. This secondary state is only used if there is not system state. (which is the case once you close a document)
  6. This secondary restorable state can’t restore multiple windows, multiple tabs, window sizes, window positions.

That state is stored outside of the file, in Bike’s application support folder

That brings up a concern for me. Does the state data include any content from the documents? I keep my Bike docs in an encrypted dmg volume since some of them contain confidential information for my clients. I wouldn’t want any of that information to be available outside of that encrypted volume.

It only includes row id’s. You can view file here:

~/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.Bike/Data/Library/Application Support/Bike/secondaryRestorableState.json

Perfect. Thanks.

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Is anyone else having trouble generating monospaced text using Shift + Cmd + backtick while using stage manager?

My main guess is that the keyboard shortcut is conflicting with the default Cmd + backtick behavior to cycle through the windows of a focused application. When I turn off stage manager, the shortcut for monospaced text works correctly.

cmd + b and cmd + i are working no matter the status of stage manager.

I am on the latest Bike preview and using Sonoma 14.0. Hoping I am not reporting a user error again :slight_smile:

I think you are correct.

I’m not sure on best solution. On one hand I could change shortcut… but it’s a pretty nice and intuitive shortcut for code formatting. Also I’m not sure how many people are using Stagemanager. Also I think it’s stage manager’s bug… The finder also uses Command-` to switch windows, but correctly doesn’t handle the event if Bike already does.

I think I will leave as is now, but you can change the keyboard shortcut yourself through system preferences. Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac - Apple Support.

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I agree. I have gotten used to having it as a shortcut, and I don’t think anyone else would want to give it up either. Hoping that a future macOS update will iron it out.

Stored outline-fold state is an excellent feature! Thanks!

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I often struggle to use the edit link dialogue. Often I can’t place a cursor in the two input fields, copy from or paste into them. After the dialogue has been repeatedly opened again, it eventually works. Latest Bike version 1.16, macOS 12.7.