Bike 1.15

This was supposed to be a quick bug release. Then I started adding some smaller features…

  • Changed to version to 1.15
  • Changed to Xcode 15 and Swift 5.9 build process
  • Changed “Add Link to Row” to insert linked text on empty selection

Previously (154):

  • Added Shift-Return to insert row above
  • Added Outline > Expand/Collapse All by Level
  • Added “Links” setting panel to control row link opening
  • Added support for Control-N and Control-P in choice palette
  • Changed caret affinity to downstream after paste
  • Fixed where hiding window could also collapse rows
  • Fixed crash when command-click arrow to focus in
  • Fixed to discard marked text on mouse down

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.


Ran into this challenge today: is there a way to Add Link to Row with the linked row’s name automatically inserted (like a [[wikilink]] to an existing page)?

No, but you are right there should be.

I think what it should do is insert the linked rows text if the selection is empty when you “Link to Row”. That’s instead of current behavior where it just adds a typing attribute to the caret. This would solve the problem right?

For my use case, yes. Maybe for someone wanting to reference a heading in long-form text, no. But I was thinking of something along the lines of cmd+return or alt+return when selecting the target row from search. That way you get to keep both options.

EDIT: I was also hoping Row linking might be somehow supported in Shortcuts. I can extract URLs through existing actions, but Bike doesn’t recognise these URLs the same way as Copy Link where it automatically inserts the full row text when pasting.

I think just this one option is good. The name is only inserted when there is no text selection. And after the name is selected the name will be fully selected… so if you don’t want it you can just type and the name will be replaced with what you want. I’ll get into next preview release so everyone can try.

Sorry, I misunderstood, missed the part where you mentioned selection. Sometimes my brain refuses to process precise language :joy: sounds good!

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I’ve changed to calling this 1.15 instead of 1.14.1. Originally 1.15 was supposed to be “Outline path” release. That will be next release instead! :slight_smile:

Since the last preview I didn’t add many new features, but I spent a bunch of time updating to Swift 5.9 and Xcode 15. Please give this release a quick test to make sure I haven’t messed anything up. Quite a few smaller code and build process changes to make it all work without warnings.

I’m going to submit this release to Apple, and hopefully it will be final early next week.

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Bike 1.15 out of preview. I’m now onto 1.16, and will try to make THIS the release where fully implement and document outline paths.


Apple Shortcuts:
Using the “Delete rows” action crashes Bike every single time. Regardless of whether the action is the only one that runs or whether used in conjunction with “Find rows” and having that output passed to “Delete rows”.

Bike 1.15 (154 - Mac App Store)
macOS Sonoma 14.0

Thanks for reporting this. I think I have a fix, and will post a preview with the fix later today.

I’ve just posted 1.15.1 (Preview) that I think fixes this problem. Please give it a try and let me know if fixed for you too.

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( seems good here – macOS 14.0, Bike 155 )

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Seems to work for me now, though I had some issues in the beginning. I used to run the preview version from my desktop (renamed to Bike preview, and it would still crash after updating to 155. I had to delete the Mac App Store version, then rename the preview version back to and move it into the Applications folder for it to register in Apple Shortucts. Seems to work fine now.

There is another crash I’m having issues with, but can only reproduce over a long period of time.
I have a plain text document open that lives on iCloud. That same document exists as an external file in Ulysses. If I leave Bike and Ulysses open and let the computer sleep for a few hours, it will wake and say that Bike crashed. I think I reported this crash to Apple already, but I can send a report to you next time if it’s easier.

Yes, please send to me directly along with explanation of how it happened. Sounds like it might be a hard one to figure out, but I’ll give it a try.