Bike 1.11.1 (128)

  • Fixed crash that could occur when printing


  • Fixed permissions issues when saving documents

Changes to Shortcut Actions:

  • Changed Open Outline to use system open
  • Improved performance when returning many rows
  • Fixed Open Row from crashing when passed root row
  • Removed Row’s outline property (breaking change)
  • Replaced Outline’s rootId property with root (breaking change)

To get preview releases through Bike’s software update select: Bike > Preferences > General > Include “preview” releases.

I update to macOS 12.6.5 and Bike 1.11.1(128), still can not find Bike in Shortcuts.
I’m sure I have only this version of Bike on Mac.

(I should post here)

Sorry, Bike shortcuts are only supported on macOS 13 and later. The framework that Bike uses to implement shortcuts is only available on macOS 13.

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