Bike 1.1 (54)

  • Added Font preference
  • Added Restore window selection
  • Added Detect .bike and .opml in plain text
  • Fixed Delete to end of paragraph (Control-k)
  • Fixed Stop beeps as you type into Find text field
  • Fixed Fully hide “unlicensed” button once licensed
  • Fixed Crash when image pasted into outline (still unsupported)
  • Fixed Saving bug after saving and then reopening an OPML file. New rows would save, but edits to existing rows would not be saved.

Detect .bike and .opml in plain text means two things:

  1. You can copy .bike or .opml text from a text editor and paste it into Bike and it will be read correctly. If Bike cannot read either of those formats then plain text will be pasted.

  2. You can use alternative file extensions (.html for example) for your “bike” content files. If Bike content cannot be read from the file then the content will be opened as plain text.


Bike 1.1 should be available through Mac App Store and Software Update now.