Bike 1.0 (36) Preview

  • Added Sparkle for future software updates
  • Added licensing. See forum post to get free license
  • Window title document icon is less bright when in dark mode
  • Preview status is indicated in main menu instead of titlebar
  • Fixed View > Zoom In / Out actions to immediately update
  • Fixed another crash related to selection

Please try out licensing system and report any problems. Use this coupon ••••••• and you won’t be charged (I’ll disable in a few days, so use soon and please don’t share). I never liked Paddle’s standard UI so I created my own… wondering now if that was a good idea or if I added a bunch of bugs. Anyway, please give it a try.


License activation is failing for me:

Ah, that is a coupon to be used during checkout. So click “Buy” button, and then enter that coupon to get 100% off.


Ahh! Now I get it. Thanks!

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Thank you ! Good update :slight_smile:

Enhancements, fixes and free license all working well.

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