Bike 1.0 (35) Preview

  • Added appearance preferences
  • Added foreground / background color preferences
  • Added “Reset Typography” button
  • Removed handle style preferences, just using standard
  • Changed Find / Check panels to work better with custom background colors
  • Changed outline mode selection blocks to use standard selection color
  • Changed IME to use underline and selection color instead of yellow background
  • Fixed row spacing to default to zero (also changed range to 0…1)
  • Fixed problems with cached colors when switching light / dark mode
  • Fixed problems of white text on bright yellow background when in dark mode
  • Fixed number of visual glitches when switching between light and dark mode
  • Fixed user defaults to store typed values instead of always encoding everything as data

I’m headed out for day, will respond to any questions when I get back or early tomorrow. I feel like I’m getting close to 1.0 feature set. I still need to do licensing, docs, lots of stuff … but I think app is getting close. With that in mind please keep an eye out for details that should be fixed before 1.0! Thanks!


Many thanks – this feels like a very comfortable and undistracting space in which to think now : -)

Back into my comfort zone of:

// Base text
@text-color: rgb(233, 179, 122);
@background-color: rgb(45, 45, 45, 0);

and the IME interactions are very readable now:
Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 12.41.30

Much appreciated!

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