Bike 1.0 (32) Preview

  • Added menu and preference settings for mark line, text size, line height, and row spacing.

  • Text size setting also effects indentation and handle size. This means custom handles no longer work. I will revisit custom handles when implementing styles.

  • Changed to always show window titlebar when in dark mode. Also made text less bright when in dark mode.

  • Fixed spelling and grammar highlights to only show when checked in correction panel. These settings are now saved / restored per window.


What were the old defaults for line height and row spacing? (FWIW I liked the old defaults)

The old defaults were Text Size: 14pt, Line Height: 1.3x, and Line Spacing: 1.0x… so line height is the only change I think.

I’m still wondering about defaults. I also liked the old defaults better also for single line items, but as soon as items start line wrapping then it’s hard for me to make sense of things unless I add some extra row spacing.

I’m on the fence about which to optimize for.


I set it to those settings after initial load, but I think my main doc initially loaded up using 1.4x row spacing.

I guess somethings possible, but pretty sure 1.3 as line hight. When I visually compare the two versions now (I’m comparing agains v27 since that’s what I have easy on hand) then 1.3x gets me perfect looking match and any 0.1 change is noticeably different.

If you are on dark mode maybe the visual is effected by not so bright white text? That was another change.