Bike 1.0 (30) Preview

  • Added link, spelling, and find highlights

Took a while, but I now have system in place for calculating and storing view level highlights. It’s pretty efficient, for example fill your screen with text and search for “e”. It also runs in background so shouldn’t make typing much slower.

While the underlying system is in place, I still need to do some work on how it’s used by individual features. For example find highlights should only show when find panel is visible, etc. So still need quite a bit of related polish, but the underlying features are in place.

The last remaining features that I want to get into the 1.0 release are text size settings, and some visual indicator so you’ll know when you are focused on an item. Let me know in the forums if you think something essential is still missing for a 1.0 release!


Live links and very fast search highlights … thank you !!