Bike 1.0 (27) Preview

  • Added replace options to (Command-F) Find panel

  • Moved Find options out of menu and into always visible buttons

  • Delay item handle drag and drop start until drag has moved 8px

  • Press escape key in editor will first close any panels. Then it will toggle between text and outline mode.

  • Fixed Copy/Paste to have better indentation and whitespace handling when pasting from Bike into another app.

  • Removed “internal” bike: links. That is Bike links that don’t include the outline id. I think the length saving wasn’t worth the fact that they break when moved into another outline.

  • Added in progress Checking Panel. Use (Command-;) to show panel and check forward. Use (Command-:) to show panel and check backward. Panel itself is a work in progress, but will at least give idea that I’m planning to support multiple bottom panel types.

I’ll keep creating a post for each release. But I’ve removed the forum “Bike Change Log”. Generally latest release notes and Download link should be showing up automatically when you launch Bike.


I like the photo in the About dialog. :slight_smile:

Ha, work in progress :slight_smile:

Take a photo of all of you on bikes!

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